Smart Home Devices 2020

October 22, 2020
smart home devices 2020

How to choose smart home devices in 2020?

  • You can buy smart home devices according to purpose, for example, are you a residential or commercial residence?
  • You can buy smart home devices in accordance with the agreement, do you need wireless or limited? Such as KNX or Zigbee or both? Or another agreement?
  • What is your budget for smart home devices?

Where should you buy smart home products?

  • You can buy from a local shop or online shop
  • You can also buy from foreign countries like China, Germany, Italy, etc.


The following few very good smart home products we sell in 2020

1.Doorphone video intercom

Are you still worried about which smart home to choose? ERU will recommend you 3 simplest and best smart home devices in 2020

ERU TCP/IP all-digital door phone video Intercom system, with rich functions, convenient construction, convenient human-computer interaction, functions and applications beyond traditional analog intercom, supports all-fiber networking, and also has a ten-thousand-household network networking solution. Provide a design security technology guarantee for building a harmonious society.

In 2020, due to the epidemic, ERU has developed a new door phone video Intercom, adding functions to measure forehead temperature and remind users to wear a mask. Android 9.0 operating system, quad-core processor, large memory, enjoy a smooth experience. The high-quality mirror material is matched with the 5 series high-grade aluminum material, which has higher strength and toughness, ultra-high protection level, dustproof, waterproof, electric, and flame retardant, and is safer and more reliable.

'smart home devices 2020'


2.Smart Door lock

The ERU smart lock has a simple design and complete functions. It is equipped with TTLOCK and TUYA mobile APP unlocking and supports password unlocking, IC card unlocking, mechanical key unlocking, and fingerprint unlocking. The fingerprint response time is 0.5 seconds. If you are not at home and your parents are coming to your home, you can send them the remote password to unlock.
Main application scenarios: Airbnb apartment and your home.

smart home devices 2020



3.Smart Light Switch

ERU smart switch panel, simple “square” design frees up more operating space and reduces the possibility of key misoperation. The use of delicate sandstone makes the frosting feel strong and long-lasting; the exquisite laser engraved icon is awakened by the LED light behind the button, and the borderless design makes the panel and the wall fit smoothly; the integrated multi-connection combination brings a rich The product combination method creates a sense of spatial extension. Highly integrated intelligent equipment control such as electric curtains, central air conditioning, floor heating, fresh air, etc., whether you are a new project or an upgrade of an old project, the ERU smart switch panel is a perfect choice.

smart home devices 2020